APV Law Watch is a project driven by three like-minded and ambitious graduates of Maastricht University: Alessandra, Paula and Virginia. Together, we elaborated this project led by the desire to have a positive impact, however small, on the existing reality. The areas of interest targeted by this project are issues concerning developing countries and humanitarian crises around the globe.


APV_Mock-UpWe – Alessandra,


and Virginia – are three friends and students of Maastricht University and together we decided to launch AVP Law Watch – Changing through Caring. With this Project, we wish to raise awareness of the immense potentials of developing countries, as well as of some of the challenges that they are confronted with.



Hello everyone! My name is Alessandra, and I am a 23-years-old student from Italy. Before becoming a full-time law-enthusiast, I spent one year in Chennai, India, for the most amazing cultural exchange program. I then pursued my legal education in the Netherlands, at Maastricht University, where I obtained my Bachelor degree in European Law (cum laude) and where I am currently enrolled in the International Laws Master degree-Honours Research Track. As of now, I am eager to start my exchange year at Bocconi University, Italy, with a focus on investments and financial regulations.

APV Law Watch is a project very close to my heart. After living in India for a year, the possibility of giving back something to a Country which I came to love as my own is incredibly exciting. Furthermore, the possibility of collaborating with two of my dearest friends –Paula and Virginia- while learning and spreading knowledge is more than I could have ever asked for. We hope you will enjoy the publications as much as we do.


Paula 1

Hi, I am Paula, the senior member of the APV Law Watch Team. I am 30 years of age, I come from Romania and I am a genuine International Law nerd. I have completed my bachelor degree in International Law at Coventry University in the UK, from which I graduated in 2016 obtaining a First Class with Honors qualification. I have continued my academic career with a Master degree in International Laws at Maastricht University in the Netherlands where I meet Alessandra and Virginia. Currently, I am looking forward to commencing my second master degree at the University of Zurich with a concentration in European and International Law.

APV Law Watch is an exciting project very close to my heart and I am thrilled to be part of this team. Being passionate about academic writing and debating on matters of International Law, I teamed up with Alessandra and Virginia to put this passion to work towards making the world a better place. The first step in changing something is the desire to change it followed by positive action. This is exactly our mindset! I hope you will find the APV Law Watch project inspirational and that you will enjoy reading our publications. 



Hello there! I am Virginia an Italo-Dutch student at Maastricht University. I  grew up in Italy and I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my University education and to discover my other half blood side. I have a BA graduation in Arts and Social Sciences where I specialized in Media Culture. I spent a semester in Tallinn, Estonia where I studied at the Film and Media school to learn the secrets behind the documentary production. At the moment I am pursuing my MA in Globalisation and Development Studies, a topic that I am really interested in and that is omnipresent in our everyday life. As about myself I love traveling but not as a tourist, I like to delve into different cultures trying to put myself in the shoes of a local.  

APV Law Watch is a dream coming true, a way to make a small but positive contribution to this world. In line with the MA I chose, this project will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn how to deal with real problems and find solutions. I admit I am a bit of a dreamer and I strongly believe in justice. I would like to see a world where education can be more accessible and people care more about the environment and the respect for Human Rights. I believe that everybody in its own way can make a contribution for the best of the world with a bit of courage and optimism.
Motto: Always think positive!